About the Research Center

Iran Carpet Research Center was founded in 2002 as an institute active in the field of hand-weaved carpets. Due to the existing potentials of Kashan region and the presence of more than 1400 carpet manufacturing companies and also, given the importance of it in export and job creation, this center was determined to participate in this area of work. Therefore, University of Kashan took the measures in establishing this center to carry out applied researches in production of handmade and machine-made carpets. Currently, the research center is located at Attarha historical house in Kashan.

The institute has a specialized library with more than 300 Persian and English resource books, computer facilities with carpet-designing software, and also a carpet repair center which has a treasury of old designs of carpet.

Objectives of Iran Carpet Research Center:

Researching in various fields of carpet as well as exploration of specialties and disciplines to enhance the scientific and practical ability of professors, researchers, craftsmen, and carpet artists in Iran including both handmade and machine-made carpets. The center tries to apply the findings of the researches as one of its primary objectives.

In general, the main objectives of the research center are as follows:

  • Pathology and solving the problems of nation in the field of handmade and machine-made carpets
  • Development and expansion of research in the field of carpet and access to modern sciences and technologies
  • Strengthening the effective and relevant institutions in various carpet areas
  • Cultivation and generalization of the application of the results of the carpet researches in the society

Activities of the Carpet Research Center:

  • Production of two educational documentary films on handmade carpets
  • Holding a New Designers Contest for identifying and developing educated talents in the field of handmade carpets
  • Holding educational workshops on computer design of carpets
  • Collaboration with the scientific-research journal of Goljam (Specialized Journal of handmade carpet)
  • Collaboration with the Persian Encyclopedia Foundation for preparation and development of the Encyclopedia of Persian Carpet
  • Presenting the plan of establishment of Carpet Coordination Center affiliated to Vice-president of technology of Presidential Office
  • Active and effective participation in the Kish International Handmade Carpet Exhibition
  • Collaboration on the establishment of Kashan Carpet Museum in cooperation with Municipality of Kashan and the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Kashan in 2016
  • Cooperation with the office of Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade of Kashan to establish Kashan carpet cluster in 2017
  • Establishment of Kashan Carpet House in Attarha house
  • Cooperation with the office of Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade of Isfahan and Iran National Carpet Center to hold the first training course for improving the skills of Kashan carpet designers in 2016
  • Collaboration with Journal of Tareh (specialized journal of carpet) in holding training courses on handmade carpets in 2016
  • Conducting carpet design contest with the theme of fish designs with Elma Design Office in Attarha House in 2016
  • Holding specialized training courses for handmade carpet under the title of “Hello Professor!” for students majored in Carpet of University of Kashan in Attarha House
  • Collaboration with graduates of carpet fields in order to create job opportunities through using facilities of the research center on carpet design
  • Expert activities in order to patent one of the student’s inventions in 2016
  • Correspondence and negotiation for Iran National Carpet Center to hold the 12th Handmade Carpet Olympiad in University of Kashan on March, 2018
  • Cooperation with the Carpet Scientific Association on holding Annual Carpet Design Competition